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According to the regulations of the Enterprise Law 2014, business license registration documents are required documents and relevant paperwork for each type of business.

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According to the regulations of the Law on Enterprise 2020, business license registration documents are required documents and relevant paperwork for each type of business.

Legal basis
- Law on Enterprise 2020;
1. Is it possible to apply for a business license over the internet?

To make the time go faster On the National Business Registration Portal, you can apply for a business license online. The following is the URL for the link:


When you register your business online, the registration file will be turned into electronic documents and will meet the criteria of the Enterprise Law and related documents. Electronic and paper documents have equal legal validity.

2. Instructions for obtaining a business license online.

Step 1: Prepare paperwork for online business license registration.

You must first create an account in order to log into the system and register a business. The individual approving an application submitted with a business registration account must also have a business registration account. When you submit an application with a public digital signature, the account must be assigned to the public digital signature.

To be issued a company registration account, you must meet the following requirements: Personal information must be filled out completely and precisely, and appropriate authentication documents must be provided.

The legal representative of the enterprise or the approved legal representative must sign or authenticate the dossier.

Step 2: Fill out an application for a business license online.

As previously stated, the online application's content will be the same as when submitted in person, but it will be turned into electronic papers.

+ As though you were filling out a paper application, you will enter the required document information.

+ Scan papers and add them to electronic records as attachments.

Sign the application and send it in. The signer's name, list, and title should all be included in this area.

If the applicant uses a Business Registration Account to submit the application, the applicant must go to the Business Registration Office to compare and obtain the results once the application is valid.

There is no need to submit a paper application if the business announces the seal sample electronically through its business registration account.

Step 3: Monitor the status of your application, make any necessary adjustments, and obtain registration results.
Following the submission of an electronic application, the user can check if the application has been accepted or not. 

If there is an omission, alteration, or correction of information, the user can make it on his or her own account rather than going via the Department of Planning and Investment's Business Registration Office where the company is located.

You may receive the following papers to your registered email address during this time:

+ After a successful payment, you will receive a receipt.

+ A receipt for the payment

+ Notice of change and supplementation of documents: After the application has been reviewed by the business registration office, the applicant will receive a notice of modification and supplementation of documents.
+ Notice of a valid application (in the case of a business registration account submission): Following the tax authority's approval of the business identification number.
+ A certificate of business registration will be issued once the application has been approved.

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