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Core values

"Knowledge, Discipline and Culture".


Doanh Tri Law Firm sees knowledge as a motivation for development on the basis of knowledgeable human resources, talent, responsibility, passion, creativity, dare to think and dare to act. Non-stop training and self-training.


Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievements, arousing love, passion, and work enthusiasm for others. Discipline in the people of Doanh Tri Law Firm is punctual, fulfilling job requirements, and respecting customers.


Culture is the "soul" which factors informing the difference, creating the sustainable development of each enterprise. At Doanh Tri Law Firm, "Honesty - Responsibility - Passion - Being ready to cope with difficulties " is the core culture of the people of Doanh Tri Law Firm.

  • Honesty creats trust: Compliance with the law and social ethics, sincerity in every word and action, honesty and righteousness in every action, sincerity in treating people, always have an objective perspective in working, always honor the truth and verity, protect righteousness and not afraid to admit being wrong making mistakes.
  • Respect creates solidarity: Mutual respect regardless of rank, age, gender, always encourages to express individual views; encourages critical thinking in a positive way to contribute to the common work.
  • Courage creats spirit: Dauntless, not afraid of hardship, be willing to face difficulties and challenges, accept risks, persistently pursue set goals, dare to think, dare to do, be willingly ready to protect reason.
  • Co-operation to create solidity: In a working relationship, there must consist of a responsibility to cooperate, support, and instruct (if possible), not to shirk or push your responsibilities to colleagues, always strive towards the common interests of the Company and put the interests of the Company above those of individuals and groups.
  • Discipline creates strength: Abide by the laws and regulations of the Company, comply with procedures, regulations at work, to possess a high sense of responsibility in their work.
  • Integrity creates personal and organizational creates personal and organizational values: Transparency and clarity in handling work and life issues.
  • Creation, innovation to make a diference: Innovation is not only creating new things, pioneering the application of new technologies, but also improving at work to create added value. for customers and for sustainable development.
  • Value of time: High demands on the urgency and accuracy of time; value time is the basis for creating long-term value.

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