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Real Estate and Construction

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Laws on Real Estate and Construction Business include transactions related to Real Estate, construction of purchases, deposits, donation and capital contribution with real estate, or donation or lease transactions, there are always many potential risks and legal risks. To prevent and limit risks, investors and enterprises always ask lawyers to provide real estate and construction consultancy to participate in real estate transactions in Vietnam.

Doanh Tri Law Firm gathers a team of legal experts, lawyers with extensive knowledge, experience, and ability to judge and predict possible legal scenarios to ensure their rights and legitimate interests for customers. Doanh Tri Law Firm provides legal advice for every stage of the real estate project implementation process, from investment registration procedures; legal verification of potential partners for the project (if any); apply for a project license; land purchase; the landlord/tenant issue; financial provision for the project (mortgage, loan, etc); claim insurance, up to foreclosure on the property; sale/lease; and so on).

In addition, we work closely with the Notary Public, Repayment Department, Appraisal Organization, Auction Organization to provide a comprehensive solution for:

1. Legal advice on real estate business

Advising on Vietnam's policies and legal conditions on real estate investment in Vietnam, giving warning warnings about legal barriers to investors in this field. Advise and offer possibilities to obtain permits for investors' real estate projects, and alternative solutions to receiving state approval for real estate projects. Advice on appropriate legal forms for investors to invest in real estate business in Vietnam. Provides up-to-date advice on all legal aspects related to real estate transactions. Legal advice and drafting of contracts and other documents related to the acquisition and development of land and real estate projects.

Legal review of real estate and real estate projects for the purpose of introducing and recommending suitable transaction structures and prerequisites for making transactions involving real estate and that project.

2. Real estate business contract consulting and negotiation assistance

Drafting contracts and assisting clients in negotiating with related parties (such as real estate owners, real estate developers, third parties, and competent state agencies) about all matters aimed at real estate transactions (including transfers of real estate projects).

3. Drafting license documents

Advising clients and drafting documents to receive relevant permits and approvals from competent state agencies to carry out real estate projects; Review and review documents to ensure compliance with the laws of Vietnam.

4. A representative to carry out licensing procedures with the State Agency

Representing and assisting clients to submit to competent state agencies application dossiers for licensing and complete the procedures to receive the approvals and permits required to invest in real estate and real estate projects. show real estate transactions.

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