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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Business mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an inevitable trend in the globalized economy and one of the factors contributing to the growth of businesses and countries. From a legal perspective, M&A is a complex investment activity, related to many different issues such as securities law, corporate law, competition law, etc.

M&A activities in Vietnam are mainly regulated in the Civil Code, Enterprise Law, Investment Law, Securities Law 2019, Competition Law 2018, and in accordance with international commitments related to M&A activities to which Vietnam has committed. Due to the complex nature of M&A, the law on M&A not only covers the issue of ownership or target corporate governance but also deals with related issues such as registration to change the joint owner of the enterprise, registration of M&A procedures, tax obligations, valuation of target enterprises, competition law to control M&A activities in Vietnam.

Accompanying foreign experts and investors to Vietnam, the Lawyers of Doanh Tri Law Firm are the first in Vietnam to participate in and support foreign investors with typical M&A deals in Vietnam. With deep practical experience and a thorough understanding of the Vietnamese legal system, Doanh Tri Law Firm is willing to support investors professionally, proactively and ensure the best interests of clients according to legal regulations of Vietnam.

Our Lawyers are the leading legal experts on M&A from small and complex transactions, cross-national mergers, and acquisitions, our Lawyers are always on the lookout for in-depth consultancy, prudent solutions from procedures of public purchase of public companies to divestment, auction, division of the company, transfer of shares/capital contributions of investors.

As a company with activities in diverse areas such as tax, labor, intellectual property, finance, real estate, antitrust and competition, and dispute resolution, we can mobilize integrated resources for all types of business merger transactions (construction, commerce, technology, securities, manufacturing businesses and other investment projects, and so on). Doanh Tri Law Firm has continuously invested in developing total solution packages to solve all problems related to Mergers and Acquisitions in Vietnam to minimize project risks, appraisal period, and legal regulations.

Doanh Tri Law’s Advisory on Mergers and Acquisitions includes the following activities:

1. Legal policies consultancy on M&A

- Advising clients on Vietnamese legal policies on mergers and acquisitions, including advice on legal limitations and practical barriers to foreign investor buyers both foreign investors and domestic buyers.

- Offer suggestions for innovative solutions to problems and difficulties in the legal and practical aspects of MA trading regulations.

2. Legal consultancy and drafting of contracts, transaction records

- Advice on all aspects of MA transactions, including reviewing and advising clients on transaction records, including legal recommendations and recommendations, and warnings about risks.

- Drafting contracts and other documents for MA trading and related documents to complete M&A transactions.

3. Investigation, overall legal assessment

Our attorneys will carry out the overall legal investigation and assessment to perform MA transactions in accordance with the law.

4. Negotiation

Representing customers to negotiate with related parties on contracts and transactions to complete MA transactions.

5. Support for licensing

Representing and assisting clients to submit to the competent state agency the application for licensing, monitoring the verification and registration process of these transactions with the competent state agencies of Vietnam.

Represent clients in explaining transactions with the competent state agencies of Vietnam in order to obtain the necessary approvals, registrations, and licenses.

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