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Doanh Tri Law Firm is a company founded by a group of dedicated and experienced lawyers who have built and promoted their careers at leading law firms in Vietnam. Therefore, we have the strength and experience in consulting, accompanying businesses, and investors in all exciting business activities in Vietnam.

The Board of Members consists of Mr. Pham Van Duc - Executive Lawyer and other Member Attorneys and Senior Advisor include Mr. Nguyen Tien Vuong, Mr. Duong Duc Trang, Mr. Pham Van Hien, Ms. Luu Thu Giang, Ms. To Anh Thu, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Trang, and so on. These are famous and highly appreciated lawyers and advisors in the industry for their contributions to the success of clients during the past years.

Our officials and staffs are consist of nearly 30 Senior Lawyers, Attorneys, and Assistant Lawyers and are growing in quality and quantity with Doanh Tri. Our Member Counsels, Senior Counsels, and Lawyers are experienced, attorneys, whereas our Assistant Lawyers are law school graduates, certified and approved by the Department of Justice and Vietnam Bar Federation in accordance with the law. With a team of experienced, passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic lawyers, Doanh Tri Law Firm is an association of international consulting experience, realistic understanding, and knowledge of Vietnam laws to provide customers with the highest satisfaction of our services. 

Doanh Tri Law Firm is in a strong position of Litigation and Transactions in diverse fields and areas such as Tax, Labor & Employment, Mergers, and Acquisitions, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Marine and Transportations, Intellectual Property, Commercial Trading, Investment, Education, Civil Litigation, etc with the head office in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City branch, we are dedicated and committed to serving domestic and foreign clients with our specialized and profound knowledge, on the basis of international consulting experience and clear understanding of Vietnam legal culture. Hopefully, with the consultancy and companionship of Doanh Tri Law Firm, we will contribute to the development of our clients and further support Vietnam on the road to becoming a developed country by 2045. 

We take pride in our achievement and what we have accomplished, and we are proud of the knowledge, experience of each member of Doanh Tri Law Firm and have confidence in providing clients with our finest advisors and lawyers.

For more sufficient and adequate information on Doanh Tri Law Firm, clients are content to contact us through email: contact@luatdoanhtri.vn or phone number: (+84) 911 233 955

Please visit our website at Doanh Tri Law Firm for more comprehensive observation of our services. 

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