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Intellectual Property


​​​​​​​Trademarks are considered as one of the biggest intangible assets of a business. Sometimes the entire value of the factory, investment equipment, products, goods, and services are still lower than the value of the brand name owned by the enterprise. Therefore, the implementation of trademark registration is not only a necessary and sufficient condition for each good and service before entering the market but also a foundation for the development of the enterprise's assets. The trademark of goods and services is what is associated with the prestige, quality, and trust of customers for a particular product or service. Because a trademark is a sign to distinguish the goods and services of one business unit from another.


In the current era, more and more literary or musical works of art are plagiarized and taken as their own, so the issue of copyright is one of the prominent legal issues. Copyright is the legal basis for individuals and organizations to credit their works. Although copyright registration is not mandatory, if an individual or organization is a copyrighted author, it will bring a lot of advantages when a dispute occurs and is the basis for confirming the legal time. copyright birth. To learn more about the copyright registration process, Law Doanh Tri through this article will give you information about this issue.


In the era of development of digital technology, the protection of rights and interests of owners of intellectual property-related assets is increasingly focused. Although copyright registration for software is not a mandatory procedure, it is nevertheless necessary for the protection of the rights and interests of the software owner. A computer software copyright registration certificate is the basis for proving who created the software before a dispute occurs. By registering for a copyright, copyright owners or authors can prevent others from exploiting the economic and commercial benefits of the intellectual property. So what are the procedures for copyright registration of computer software in Vietnam? Let's unravel these procedures with Doanh Tri Law Firm through the following article!


In the era of industrial revolution 4.0, computer software plays an important role in allowing users to interact with computers, hardware, or perform tasks. Without computer software, most computer operations would be meaningless. Computer software is understood as a set of statements or instructions in one or more different and clearly ordered programming languages. Depending on the purpose, computer software is divided into several categories: system software, application software, transcoding software including compilers and interpreters, and software according to applicability. To create complete computer software, without having problems with errors when operating, programmers have to deal with problems right from the initial design stage and then return to the official versions. Computer software needs to focus on optimizing the process so that it can be launched into the market, received by consumers, and used most effectively. Recently, the act of copying and stealing the design of computer software for the purpose of taking advantage of the image and trademark of that software for commercial purposes, fraud, sabotage, stealing personal information used to reduce the prestige and quality of the product without the consent of the author takes place in a sophisticated and complicated way. The registration of computer software copyright is a very important job to ensure the creators of that product against unauthorized use of their products such as copying, stealing without consent. their own and protect their rights to the products created by themselves. Through copyright registration, you will be issued with a Certificate of Registration which is the most important document to prove you are the author of that computer software. However, the process of registering computer software copyright is relatively complicated, causing many difficulties for customers when registering by themselves at a competent state agency. With a team of experienced lawyers and specialists, Doanh Tri Law Firm will answer your questions about Register for computer software copyright in 2021 in vietnam.


The registration of copyright for intellectual property goods is being highly valued and plays an important role as industrialization and modernization progress. Around the same time, the value of copyright registration for entities and individuals' intellectual property is becoming more widely recognized. The importance of copyright registration cannot be overstated. In the case of an ancient corporation, the copyright registration certificate is also a document proving the author's ownership over the work, which is used in the valuation of the company's properties. Enterprise equitization, acquisition, and merger are all terms used to describe the process of selling a business. So, in 2021, what is the process for registering the most recent copyright in compliance with Vietnamese law? Learn more in the following post!


In order to help clients better understand the rights and obligations of the author, patent owner, Doanh Tri Law firm would like to introduce some provisions of the current Intellectual Property Law on the above issue as follows

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