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Youtube is a website that allows sharing of videos in many different fields: entertainment, social, music, movies, and programs ..., where users can upload or download videos. Copyright registration of youtube copyright is the carrying out of necessary procedures to protect the rights of owners with works (videos) posted on youtube's website. Copyright registration can be done at a competent State agency ( the form of registration of related rights for audio and video recording works...) according to youtube's policy (Registering for Content ID).

1. Documents need to be prepared:

 The registration dossier includes these documents:

– A declaration form of copyright;

– 2 CDs containing the video content to be registered;

– Document proving the status of the owners: for individuals, it is the identity card/citizen card; for organizations, it is the business registration certificate;

– Documents evidencing the rights of the applicant, if the applicant owns that right due to inheritance, transfer;

– An agreement is written of owners if copyrights are under collective ownership;

– A power of attorney;

– Other relevant documents.

2. The process to carry out:

Step 1: Customers provide the above information for Doanh Tri Law;

Step 2: Doanh Tri Law drafts the dossier and sends it to customers to sign;

Step 3: Customers send back the dossier to Doanh Tri Law;

Step 4: Doanh Tri Law represents for the customers to submit the dossier at the Copyright Office;

Step 5: After 15 – 20 days, Doanh Tri Law will receive the result to return the customers and finish the service.

Result of administrative procedures: The Copyright Office – The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will issue a decision to grant a copyright registration certificate to the applicant.

In conclusion, the owners of Youtube videos should proceed with the youtube video copyright registration procedures to be a basis for proving ownership of the video created by them.

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