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Doanh Tri Law Firm directs its focus to the field of legal advice for "Corporate and Commerce". We are the only company that provides comprehensive business solutions, compliance with the law, efficiency, and risk management in business operations and is in line with the goals and strategic direction of each corporation.

Our staff of legal experts regarding the field of commercial and business at Doanh Tri Law provides legal consultants on all crucial areas of business corporations, including issues concerning labor, salary, pension, and welfare, business environment, joint venture, intellectual property, finance, and tax law. We are committed to assisting business corporations in resolving the issues mentioned above arising from business transactions. Forming a foundation for business corporations to confidently operate in all countries and make the most of business opportunities 

Doanh Tri Law provides in-depth advisory services: (i) Legal compliance and corporate governance, (ii) Compliance in transactions and commercial activities, including the following activities: 

1. Business establishment and business registration content modification consultancy:

  • Types of business choices and corporate establishment consultancy.
  • Charter capital and capital contribution structure of shareholders consultancy. 
  • Constructing management systems in operating business.
  • Building management system in operating enterprises.
  • Restructuring, converting, mergers, and acquisitions of corporations consultancy. 

2. Commercial and competition law consultancy

  • Research and give legal opinions to help optimize business activities to reduce import duties and other taxes in Vietnam such as VAT, Excise tax;
  • Research, consult and draft international commercial contracts to protect the rights and interests of Vietnamese businessmen in international transactions;
  • Legal consultant on competition law and other legal measures to avoid violations of competition;
  • Consulting, drafting, and interpreting the application for exemption to a prohibited anti-competition agreement;
  • Advise, prepare documents and explain the exemption application to the prohibited competition restriction agreement;
  • Consulting and implementing notification procedures of economic concentration;
  • Representatives for interpreting legal rights and filing complaints about violations of competition law.

3. Compliance consultancy

Consulting on legal aspects related to legislation and constructing a compliance system for all forms of commercial presence, such as Limited liability company, Joint Stock, Branch, Representative Office, etc.

4. Legal consultant on trading contracts

Drafting and/or negotiating various types of commercial contracts such as joint venture, lease, purchase, sale, distribution, agency, service, etc.

Doanh Tri Law Firm provides consulting services and supports businesses with the most effective legal solutions.

Hotline: (+84) 911 233 955 or Email: contact@luatdoanhtri.vn

Please visit our website at Doanh Tri Law Firm for further comprehensive observation of our services. 

Chức vụ: Giám đốc công ty

Lĩnh vực tư vấn: Dân sự, Hình sự, Doanh nghiệp

Trình độ đào tạo: Thạc sỹ Luật, MBA

Số năm kinh nghiệm thực tế: 10 năm




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