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Introduction to the Doanh Tri Law Firm

Doanh Tri Law Firm was established in 2019 with the assemble of dedicated and experienced Lawyers, Jurists, who specialize in the fields of Corporate, Investment, M&A, Insurance, Medical and Intellectual Property. Accompanied by a staff of Lawyers and Legal experts with profound knowledge, devoted attitude, and passionate working spirit, Doanh Tri Law is committed to providing customers with the best legal services, ensuring accuracy - swift - with the most reasonable cost on the market.

Mission Mission

Compliance with the law, materialization of all commitments, pioneering and innovating to provide the most suitable legal solutions, limit risks and satisfy the needs of all types of...

Vision Vision

To obtain the rank of Top 3 brands to provide leading legal services in Vietnam on the basis of constantly developing knowledge, skills, culture, and personnel; pioneering in the...

Core values Core values

Core Value: Doanh Tri Law's core values consist of - Knowledge, Discipline, and Culture. Knowledge: Doanh Tri Law sees knowledge as a motivation for development on the basis of...

Customer reviews

  • LTP Global Vina

    Doanh Tri has been a business partner of ours for many years. We are very satisfied with their support, especially because it is business-oriented in accordance with Vietnam's legal policy. The lawyers and staff stayed in close contact with us and are always friendly, respectful, and tireless in their efforts.

    LTP Global Vina


  • DKSH Vietnam

    Doanh Tri is an effective solution-driven law firm. Their approach is realistic, creative, and efficient, which is very rare these days.

    DKSH Vietnam


  • Campioni Germany Ltd.

    Doanh Tri is not only a partner but also a friend to me. Due to a variety of objective factors, the time required to complete the work is longer than expected; however, Doanh Tri remains committed to providing the best possible support and solutions.

    Campioni Germany Ltd.


  • SD LABS Vietnam

    Dedicated, fast, professional, effective are my evaluations for Doanh Tri.

    SD LABS Vietnam

    Hanoi, Vietnam

  • APA Ltd.

    Doanh Tri's team is always ready to assist customers with their problems, just as they are dedicated to solving their own.

    APA Ltd.

    Long An, Vietnam

  • SC. Johnson & Son Ltd.

    Doanh Tri is one of the few local law firms that offer international-quality legal services. Doanh Tri's approach is distinguished by an understanding of the local market and investor expectations, allowing Doanh Tri to provide practical legal solutions in almost any industry of the business in Vietnam.

    SC. Johnson & Son Ltd.

    Binh Duong, Vietnam

  • STADA Vietnam

    We find the service of Doanh Tri very reliable. They add value to us with their experience, industry insight, and innovative solutions.

    STADA Vietnam

    Phu Yen, Vietnam

  • Newcrest Ltd.

    Doanh Tri has a wealth of experience in real estate transactions, investment projects, and market development in Vietnam.

    Newcrest Ltd.

    Ha Noi


Here are the top reasons why you should work with us:
Expert Skills

Expert Skills

We have a reputation for excellence and quality, which was recognized when we won the Most Trusted Consulting Firm of the Year Award, among other awards. We believe that customers are one of the key stakeholders in the business.

International Experience

International Experience

Law Doanh Tri is a Vietnamese law firm capable of providing services according to international standards for all types of clients. We help with more than 100 requests per month to help foreign companies set up businesses and invest in Vietnam.

Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge

Doanh Tri Law Firm has the ability to successfully combine genuine Vietnamese legal knowledge with international consulting experience to bring the most comprehensive and effective solutions to clients.