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Intellectual Property

Doanh Tri Law Firm is known as an intellectual property law service provider that is legally operating and has a reputation in Vietnam. With a team of knowledgeable lawyers with good expertise, years of practice, professional responsibility, and professionalism at work. Doanh Tri Law believes that it will bring to customers the most perfect, fastest, and most effective intellectual property law consulting services to help businesses protect their intellectual property in Vietnam. South and countries around the world.

During operation, Doanh Tri Law Firm has advised thousands of applications for registration, complaint, extension, and assignment related to intellectual property rights in Vietnam as well as registration of intellectual property rights for businesses in foreign countries. In addition, we have helped businesses handle hundreds of intellectual property disputes, consult with and handle unfair competition practices related to their intellectual property rights.

Recognizing intellectual property rights are considered one of the important property rights for each individual and enterprise, Doanh Tri Law Firm provides customers with the following services:



  • Advertising materials;
  • Software;
  • Print and online publications;
  • Broadcasting rights and related rights;
  • Drafting registration records of copyrights and related rights.


Our Services include:

  • Patent enforcement;
  • Drafting patent application;
  • Prosecute the violation at the administrative and judicial level;
  • Counseling on complaints, handling of violations, and settling disputes on Intellectual Property;
  • Consulting and assisting customers in building brand and brand development strategy;
  • Consulting on the protection of trademarks, industrial designs, patents, and utility solutions;
  • Representing customers to carry out registration procedures in Vietnam and other countries in the region and around the world.

Protection of trade secrets, know-how, and confidential information

We advise on how to keep business secrets and other confidential information confidential in daily operations and in specific transactions (recruitment of employees, delivery of contracts with suppliers, customers, buyers, and business partners).

Unfair Competition

We advise on countermeasures and/or legal action against unfair competition practices, including domain name appropriation.

Trademark registration and anti-infringement of intellectual property rights

  • Intellectual property rights infringement;
  • Laws related to copyrights and related rights;
  • Settlement of disputes related to intellectual property rights;
  • Legal provisions related to intellectual property rights;
  • Procedures for registration of trademark and copyright protection;
  • Procedures for transferring industrial property rights;
  • Conditions for protection of trademarks, industrial designs, and inventions; 

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