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Finance, Banking, Insurance

Doanh Tri Law Firm has a lot of experience in consulting and consulting clients who are sponsors, credit institutions, guarantors, guarantees or commercial borrowers, insurance companies in many financial transactions, domestic and international banking, including commercial lending, asset financing, project financing, debt structure, refinancing, margin trading/blockade, leasing, financial leasing, and so on.

Doanh Tri Law Firm's scope of service includes:

1. Finance

  • Consulting and drafting of agreements, contract documents for bond issuance, investment trust ...
  • Legal advice on financial transactions, financial lending, debt restructuring plan, and building a financial system in the business.  

2. Banking

  • Drafting, reviewing, evaluating, and/or negotiating all types of loan transactions, mortgages, financing. 
  • Structural advice for financial transactions and consulting on legal aspects of financial / banking transactions, including aspects of taxation, foreign exchange management, procedures, applicable laws, dispute resolution, etc., and provide practical recommendations for handling transaction difficulties.
  • Provide legal opinions from the perspective of Vietnamese law for bank assignment, draft contract documents, and capital raising documents for commercial banks.

3. Insurance business

  • Consult on the establishment of insurance businesses, modification of licensing content, develop policies in accordance with the Law on Insurance Business and the competitive insurance market.
  • Drafting documents for increasing charter capital, application for branch establishment, and other modifications to the Certificate of Insurance Business Registration.
  • Review and give legal advice on the provisions of the non-life insurance contract, life insurance contract, and reinsurance contract.

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