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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The litigation and dispute resolution activities at Doanh Tri Law Firm include litigation in judicial court and/or resolution through arbitration or commercial mediation. Our staff has many lawyers, experts with extensive experience in dispute resolution, many lawyers who have worked in judicial agencies or are arbitrators, certified mediators. by prestigious international training organizations such as CIArb or CEDR;
On average, our legal staff participates as representatives or attorneys for clients in more than 20 cases/matters in Vietnamese courts or domestic arbitration institutions as well as internationally, such as the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) and the Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC). In addition, our top attorneys have repeatedly acted as arbitrators, and case mediators, as they are also arbitrators and/or mediators of the Vietnam Mediation Center (VMC), and so on.
With all dedication and professional ethics, we are committed to the best protection of customers' interests and absolute confidentiality of case information during the dispute resolution process. In this area, the service scope of Doanh Tri Law Firm includes: The scope services of Doanh Tri Law include:

1. Legal Consultancy and Drafting legal documents

  • Review, examine, evaluate disputes and advise clients on all relevant aspects of the dispute, analyze strengths, weaknesses, and essential risks.
  • Provide clients with practical advice on plans of action and possible measures to resolve disputes.
  • Prepare petition, prosecution documents, counterclaim, etc., and all other records for dispute resolution.
  • Review, examine, evaluate, and consult on the existing records relating to the dispute, including proof and evidence.

2. Non-litigation representative

Represent clients in negotiating, discussing, and mediating outside legal proceedings with the parties involved in the dispute.

3. Litigation in Court/Arbitration

Our attorney will be the authorized representative or the client's defense attorney before the court and arbitration in Vietnam at all steps, all stages of the proceedings.

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