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For some objective reasons, the passport is no longer valid, leading to the need for a new passport. As a typical example in 2022, the new passport form issued by the Ministry of Public Security is not accepted in some countries because there is no information about the place of birth, so a new form must be replaced. What do you need to do to apply for a new passport? The following article of Doanh Tri Firm will answer your questions.

Mục lục

1. Legal basis

- Law on exit and entry of Vietnamese citizens 2019;

- Circular No. 29/2016/TT-BCA of the Ministry of Public Security guiding the issuance, amendment and supplementation of domestic passports for Vietnamese citizens.

2. What is a passport?

                                          What is a passport ?

According to the definition in the Law on Exit and Entry of Vietnamese Citizens, a passport is a document under the ownership of the State, issued by a competent Vietnamese agency to Vietnamese citizens to use for exiting. immigration, proof of nationality and identity.

Currently, the Vietnamese Government is implementing a plan to widely disseminate passports with electronic chips. Also according to the definition in the Law on Exit and Entry of Vietnamese citizens in 2019, a passport with an electronic chip is a passport with an electronic device that stores encrypted information of the passport holder and signature. issuer number.

3. Responsibilities of persons granted entry and exit papers

                    Responsiblities of persons granted entry and exit papers

Firstly, to preserve and preserve immigration papers; immediately notify the competent authority when the entry and exit papers are lost; carry out procedures for new issuance when immigration papers are damaged, personal information changes, identification characteristics, gender re-determination.

Secondly, only one type of valid entry and exit document can be used for each entry or exit.

Thirdly, when changing the working agency, they must report to the agency or passport manager where they move and move to to carry out the management of diplomatic and official passports in accordance with this Law.

4. Prepare documents

- 01 declaration to apply for a passport according to the prescribed form;

- 02 photos of size 4cm x 6cm, captured in white background, straight face, bare head, no colored glasses (taken at a photography establishment permitted by the Immigration Department);

- Identity card or citizen identification card or valid passport (presented when submitting the application for the immigration management agency to check and compare);

- Temporary residence book (in case the applicant has not been granted a citizen identification card and submits the application at the place of temporary residence).

- The most recent ordinary passport issued to the person who has been granted a passport; In case the passport is lost, it must be accompanied by a lost report or a notice of receipt of the application by a competent authority.

For a person who has lost his/her civil act capacity, who has difficulty in perception and behavior control as prescribed by the Civil Code, and who is under 14 years old:

- The application form for a passport must be filled out and signed by the parent or legal representative and certified and stamped by the police of the commune, ward or township where the person permanently or temporarily resides. hybrid photo.

- Submit 01 copy of birth certificate or birth extract for people under 14 years old.

- A certified true copy of a document issued by a competent Vietnamese agency evidencing the lawful representative of a person who has lost his/her civil act capacity, or has difficulty in perception or behavior control according to regulations. provisions of the Civil Code, persons under 14 years of age. In case the photocopies are not authenticated, present the original for checking and comparison.

5. Where to submit application

- Immigration Department of Public Security of provinces and centrally-run cities where convenient.

- Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security (headquarters: No. 44-46 Tran Phu Street, Dien Bien Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City).

6. Implementation process

                                    Implementation process

- Directly submit the application and receive the results at the place of application. If there is a request to receive results at a location other than the place of application, you must pay a postal service fee.

Persons who have lost their civil act capacity, have difficulties in cognition and behavior control according to the provisions of the Civil Code, and those under the age of 14 must be submitted by their legal representatives.

- Time to receive dossiers: from Monday to Friday and every Saturday morning (except New Year's Day and public holidays).

- Time to return results: from Monday to Friday every week (except Tet and public holidays).

7. Time limit for settlement

- No more than 08 working days from the date on which the Immigration Department of the Police Department of the province or city directly under the Central Government receives the valid application.

- No more than 05 working days from the date on which the Immigration Department, the Ministry of Public Security receives the valid application.

8. Procedures for electronic declaration

                               Procedures for electronic declaration

Individuals can choose to declare new passport information at the Vietnam Immigration Portal, the electronic declaration page for passport issuance. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Enter complete information on the application form for a passport.

Step 2: Print the passport application form (at home or at the place of application).

Step 3: Check and edit the declared information (if necessary)

Step 4: Schedule an appointment to submit your application (if needed).

After completing the online declaration, the applicant for the re-issuance of the passport shall bring the dossier to the Immigration Department of the Police Department of the province or centrally run city where he/she permanently or temporarily resides. In case of obtaining a citizen's identity card, it shall be done at the Immigration Department of the Police Department of the province or centrally run city where it is convenient.


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