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Today's business environment is under more pressure than ever. This, clearly, leads to the fact that some businesses are having difficulty controlling cash flow. These days, Ensuring capital structure and financing arrangements are aligned with goals and risks is critical to delivering strategic planning and driving value to business stakeholders. Doanh Tri's team of specialists can give you align your priorities with opportunities to develop and implement the right funding strategies.
I. Legal basis
- Law on Enterprise 2020;
- Law on Investment 2020.

II. Funding Advice
The foremost approach to defining your capital financing objectives and knowing about your debt and equity financing options is essential to the steady growth of a business. We will assist you through the process of raising capital from initial assessment to successful execution.
- Determine your business growth plans and funding requirements
- Evaluate the best capital structure and financing options for your business
- Identify potential sources of capital
- Approach the market and position your negotiation tactics to achieve competitive market terms- Develop perceptive shareholder and capital providers communication strategies.
Our professionals will assist with key questions to develop capital structuring transactions and raise capital in alignment with long goals as follows:
Capital structure and financing help make maximum shareholder value
- Assist to define the right capital structure after assessing your business plan and goals, financing objectives, and capital requirements.

Sources of funding
- Determine the preferred strategy by identifying key funding objectives, debt capacity, and available financing options. Identify relevant preparatory steps and potential capital providers to approach and launch the funding strategy.
Achieve best terms in deal execution
- Evaluate and address risk factors upfront with shareholders and stakeholders and maximize competitive tension to get the best term. Effectively coordinate the deal structuring, due diligence, and stakeholders management while developing backup plans to prepare for contingencies.
- Stay on top of the execution of documentation, monitor the flow of funds, and gain approvals from regulatory bodies and shareholders. Support the establishment of a communications strategy that includes well-positioned press releases and regular updates for stakeholders.
Management of stakeholder communication to maintain capital provider support
- Manage communications with lenders, support potential changes to documentation or waivers, as required, and other ancillary requirements. Develop the business and strategy in the context of investor preferences and provide services to ensure effective engagement with shareholders.

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