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What legal restrictions apply to the hotel industry? What requirements must investors and businesses meet in order to operate a hotel? Customers will be able to get answers to their questions about this subject from Doanh Tri Law.

Legal basis
- Law on tourism 2017;

- Decree 168/2017/ND-CP.

1. Hotel business conditions in general

The following hotel business conditions must be met by investors and businesses:

- Complying with all legal requirements for business registration

- Meet security and order requirements. Meet the requirements for fire prevention and suppression. Meet the requirements for environmental and food safety. In accordance with the law's provisions.

— Meeting the minimal requirements for tourist-serving technological facilities and services.

2. Hotel business minimums in terms of facilities, techniques, and services to serve tourists

The following are the minimum physical, technological, and service requirements for the hotel industry: – Have a minimum of ten bedrooms; A front desk and a communal bathroom are available.

- Guests of resort hotels and roadside hotels have access to a parking lot.

- For resort hotels, floating hotels, and roadside motels, there is a kitchen, dining room, and catering services.

- Beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows, face towels, and towels are available. When there are new guests, change the mattress coverings, blankets, pillow covers, face towels, and towels.

- Staff is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Security and order requirements

- Must be registered, licensed, or established according to Vietnamese legislation.

- Conditions for the person in charge of the commercial establishment's security and order:

+ For the Vietnamese: In the following situations, no: Has a criminal record that has not been expunged during the period when serving a jail term was suspended.

Investment and business lines are prohibited from doing business due to security and order conditions, among other things.

+ For overseas Vietnamese and foreigners with foreign passports: Not in circumstances where competent Vietnamese agencies have refused to give resident permits.

- Comply with the provisions of the fire prevention and fighting law in terms of fire prevention and fighting safety.

- There must be a strategy in place to maintain security and order.

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