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The chemical industry is critical for the development of other industries, including fertilizers, general and specialized rubber, basic chemicals (including organic and inorganic chemicals), petrochemicals, consumer chemicals, and petrochemical machinery to meet domestic demand as well as regional and global economic integration requirements.

 Legal basis:

- Decree 113/2017/ND-CP.

1. What is a qualified chemical business license, and what does it entail?

Chemical trading is the business of trading, exporting, and importing chemicals for resale in the market. A license to satisfy conditions for chemical trading is a legal document issued by a state agency to an eligible business or establishment.

2. Dossier for obtaining a certificate of eligibility to trade chemicals

- A certificate of eligibility for conditional business in the industrial sector application form;
- A copy of your business registration certificate or a comparable legal document;
- A copy of the approval decision or a written certification of environmental documents;

3. Fire-prevention and-fighting records:

- A copy of the certificate of approval for the design of the fire prevention and fighting system, as well as written approval from a competent body for the acceptance of the fire prevention and fighting system;

- For each production establishment that is not needed to be subject to mandatory fire prevention and fighting requirements, minutes of fire prevention and fighting safety inspections or a document from a competent body demonstrating the assurance of fire prevention and fighting safety conditions. Evaluate and approve the fire-prevention and-fighting design.
- Each company location must be declared;

- The overall drawing of the system of factory and warehouse premises, as well as the content of the drawings, must include information about the location of the workshop, the warehouse, the chemical storage area, the area and route to the factory, the production area, and chemical exporting and storage;

- A copy of the document establishing the right to use the land plot for the factory or warehouse's construction, or the contract for the factory or warehouse's rental;
- A copy of the person in charge of chemical safety's intermediate or higher degree in chemical major;

- Copies of records of chemical safety training;

- Chemical safety sheets for hazardous compounds in commercial settings.

- An explanation of why chemicals that are forbidden from manufacture and trading must be traded (in case of trading in chemicals on the List of chemicals restricted from production and trading).

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