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Many business and commercial business units are strongly expanding the form of advertising activities in the network environment in the form of Websites to improve profits and provide simple access to clients in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. To save individuals money and time, state administrative bodies provide public services through websites. A website is a collection of web-type information pages that are organized and linked together to convey information such as text, photos, video, and audio.The primary content of web pages is determined by the industry in which the website owner works. Users currently utilize the internet to look for products and services, make purchases, gather information, and do tasks or entertain themselves.The Covid 19 pandemic is complex, and it has the ability to spread. Despite the fact that illness management in our country is relatively good, the necessity to access services or get information via Web sites is becoming increasingly important.In a sophisticated and complex method, the act of copying and stealing the design and content of a Web site for the goal of using the website's image and brand for commercial and fraudulent objectives without the author's agreement.

Legal basis:

- Intellectual Property Law, Consolidated Document No. 07/VBHN-VPQH 2019;

- Decree No.22/2018/NĐ-CP dated February 23,2018 on guidelines of the intellectual Property Law and Law on amendments to the intellectual Property Law 2009 in terms of the copyright and related rights;

- Law on Information Technology 2006 No.67/2006/QH11.

Procedures for registering a website's copyright in Vietnam

Step 1: Preparation of website copyright registration documents.

– Dossier for copyright registration of website interface

+ An application for the copyright registration of a website's interface;

+ Author's commitment to write an interface that he designed himself and that no one else has copied;

+ The author's comment regarding the work's owner (applicable when the author is also the owner);

+ Author/authors' full name, pseudonym (if any); author/co-authors' address, phone number, fax; organization, company;

+ A notarized copy of the author's or co-authors' identification card;

+ Author's pledge to be truthful in the interface design process, signed by the author;

+ Original power of attorney for copyright registration of the website interface (if the applicant is an approved person);

+ A decision by the company to appoint the author to create the website interface (if the company owns the website); or a contract to employ another party to create (design) the website interface;

+ Two A4 prints of the website interface;

+ A photocopy of the author's identification card/passport;

+ A copy of the owner's personal identification card or the business registration certificate (legal entity).

– Dossier for website copyright registration in the form of a computer program: + An application for computer program copyright registration;

+ Two CDs with the website's code;

+ Two duplicates of the website code, including the homepage interface;

+ The author's promise to write the website code himself, rather than stealing it from another individual or organization;

+ Determine whether to delegate work to employees to code the website (if the author is a company employee) or to contract out the design (if a third party is hired to conduct);

+ A copy of the website owner's identification card (if they are an individual) or their business registration certificate (if they are a legal entity);

+ A notarized copy of the author's or co-authors' identification card;

+ The author's written declaration of truthfulness in the development of computer programs, which must be signed by the author;

+ Original power of attorney (if the applicant is an approved person) for website code copyright registration.

Step 2: Fill out and submit a registration application to the Copyright Office.

After the above-mentioned documents have been completed, the copyright owner directs or authorizes the company or person to apply 01 application for registration of copyright of the website to the Ministry of Culture's Copyright Office. sports and tourism at one of the following three addresses:

Copyright Information Office – Copyright Office, Hanoi.

No. 33 Alley 294/2 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi's Ba Dinh District

Phone number: 024 3823 6908

- Ho Chi Minh City: Copyright Office Representative Office

No. 170 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Phone number: 08.39 308 086

- City: Copyright Office Representative Office in Da Nang.

Danang is located at No. 58 Phan Chu Trinh, Hai Chau District, City.

Phone number: 0511.3 606 967

Step 3: Locate the copyright registration file for the website.

After submitting the registration dossier, the Copyright Office will review it for authenticity. The owner should keep an eye on the registration file and add any missing details or documentation as soon as possible (in case of records need to be supplemented or amended)

Step 4: Pay the filing fee for the copyright.

The Copyright Office will require the owner to pay a copyright registration fee in order to obtain a registration certificate after the application has been properly approved.

When using copyright registry services, website copyright registration costs can include state fees charged to the Copyright Office as well as registration service fees.

Step 5: Obtain a copyright registration certificate.

The consumer will obtain a Certificate of Copyright Registration for the website after the fee has been charged and the fee receipt has been given.

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