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Nowadays, society is developing more and more, leading to more and more complicated social relations. Law is a tool to let people know how to behave when participating in these social relations. For those who do not have practical knowledge of the law, when a conflict arises, it is necessary to have a lawyer resolve it. Doanh Tri Law Firm with a team of specialists will provide customers with the best legal services.

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Nowadays, society is developing more and more, leading to more and more complicated social relations. Law is a tool to let people know how to behave when participating in these social relations. For those who do not have practical knowledge of the law, when a conflict arises, it is necessary to have a lawyer resolve it. Doanh Tri Law Firm with a team of specialists will provide customers with the best legal services.
I. Introduction to Doanh Tri Law Firm
Doanh Tri Law Firm was established in 2019 with the assemble of dedicated and experienced Lawyers, Jurists, who specialize in the fields of Corporate, Investment, M&A, Insurance, Medical, and Intellectual Property. Accompanied by a staff of Lawyers and Legal experts with profound knowledge, devoted attitude, and passionate working spirit, Doanh Tri Law is committed to providing customers with the best legal services, ensuring accuracy - swift - with the most reasonable cost on the market.

II. Legal services 
Currently, Doanh Tri is providing clients with 8 types of legal services including:
1. Investment consulting
Doanh Tri Law Firm is a professional company providing investment consultancy services for foreign investors in Vietnam, supporting legal procedures for foreign investors entering the market of Vietnam, investing from Vietnam to foreign countries. With over 10 years of experience, we, more than anyone, understand the difficulties as well as the obstacles that investors face when doing business in Vietnam. 
Our scope of investment advisory services for foreign investors includes:
- Project investment consultancy, domestic and foreign investment
- Consulting on investment projects, applying for investment licenses
- Consultancy on conditions inherited and investment incentive policies for foreign investors in Vietnam
2. Corporate and trade
Doanh Tri Law Firm directs its focus to the field of legal advice for "Corporate and Commerce". We are the only company that provides comprehensive business solutions, compliance with the law, efficiency, and risk management in business operations and is in line with the goals and strategic direction of each corporation.
Doanh Tri Law provides in-depth advisory services: (i) Legal compliance and corporate governance, (ii) Compliance in transactions and commercial activities, including the following activities: 
-  Business establishment and business registration content modification consultancy:
- Commercial and competition law consultancy
. Compliance consultancy
-  Legal consultant on trading contracts

3. Mergers and acquisitions
Business mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an inevitable trend in the globalized economy and one of the factors contributing to the growth of businesses and countries. From a legal perspective, M&A is a complex investment activity, related to many different issues such as securities law, corporate law, competition law, etc.
Doanh Tri Law Firm’s Advisory on Mergers and Acquisitions includes the following activities:
- Legal policies consultancy on M&A
- Legal consultancy and drafting of contracts, transaction records
-  Investigation, overall legal assessment
- Negotiation
- Support for licensing
4. Cosmetics - Food - Drugs - Medical equipment
In order to support domestic and foreign investors to comply with the laws and conditions of circulation in Vietnam on cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment, Doanh Tri Law Firm provides advice and solutions for domestic enterprises' products to ensure market circulation conditions, procedures for foreign cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment products to be imported and distributed in Vietnam.
Coming to legal consulting services on circulation of cosmetics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, Doanh Tri Law Firm provides services, total solutions include:
- Consultancy on production and proclamation of cosmetics
- Consulting on food production and circulation
- Consulting on pharmaceutical production and circulation
- Consulting on medical equipment production and circulation

5. Real estate and construction
Regulations on Real Estate and Construction Business include transactions related to Real Estate, construction of purchases, deposits, donation and capital contribution with real estate, or donation or lease transactions, there are always many potential risks and legal risks. To prevent and limit risks, investors and enterprises always ask lawyers to provide real estate and construction consultancy to participate in real estate transactions in Vietnam.
Doanh Tri Law Firm gathers a team of legal experts, lawyers with extensive knowledge, experience, and ability to judge and predict possible legal scenarios to ensure their rights and legitimate interests for customers. Doanh Tri Law Firm provides legal advice for every stage of the real estate project implementation process, from investment registration procedures; legal verification of potential partners for the project (if any); apply for a project license; land purchase; the landlord/tenant issue; financial provision for the project (mortgage, loan, etc); claim insurance, up to foreclosure on the property; sale/lease; and so on).
In addition, we work closely with the Notary Public, Repayment Department, Appraisal Organization, Auction Organization to provide a comprehensive solution for:
- Legal advice on real estate business
- Real estate business contract consulting and negotiation assistance
- Drafting license documents
- A representative to carry out licensing procedures with the State Agency
6. Litigation and dispute resolution
The litigation and dispute resolution activities at Doanh Tri Law Firm include litigation in judicial court and/or resolution through arbitration or commercial mediation. Our staff has many lawyers, experts with extensive experience in dispute resolution, many lawyers who have worked in judicial agencies or are arbitrators, certified mediators.
With all dedication and professional ethics, we are committed to the best protection of customers' interests and absolute confidentiality of case information during the dispute resolution process. In this area, the service scope of Doanh Tri Law Firm includes: The scope services of Doanh Tri Law include:
- Legal Consultancy and Drafting legal documents
- Non-litigation representative
- Litigation in Court/Arbitration.
7. Finance, Banking, Insurance
Doanh Tri Law Firm has a lot of experience in consulting and consulting clients who are sponsors, credit institutions, guarantors, guarantees or commercial borrowers, insurance companies in many financial transactions, domestic and international banking, including commercial lending, asset financing, project financing, debt structure, refinancing, margin trading/blockade, leasing, financial leasing, and so on.
Doanh Tri Law Firm's scope of service includes:
7.1. Finance
- Consulting and drafting of agreements, contract documents for bond issuance, investment trust ...
- Legal advice on financial transactions, financial lending, debt restructuring plan, and building a financial system in the business.  
7.2. Banking
- Drafting, reviewing, evaluating, and/or negotiating all types of loan transactions, mortgages, financing. 
- Structural advice for financial transactions and consulting on legal aspects of financial / banking transactions, including aspects of taxation, foreign exchange management, procedures, applicable laws, dispute resolution, etc., and provide practical recommendations for handling transaction difficulties.
- Provide legal opinions from the perspective of Vietnamese law for bank assignment, draft contract documents, and capital raising documents for commercial banks.
7.3. Insurance business
- Consult on the establishment of insurance businesses, modification of licensing content, develop policies in accordance with the Law on Insurance Business and the competitive insurance market.
- Drafting documents for increasing charter capital, application for branch establishment, and other modifications to the Certificate of Insurance Business Registration.
- Review and give legal advice on the provisions of the non-life insurance contract, life insurance contract, and reinsurance contract.

8. Intellectual property
Doanh Tri Law Firm is known as an intellectual property law service provider that is legally operating and has a reputation in Vietnam. With a team of knowledgeable lawyers with good expertise, years of practice, professional responsibility, and professionalism at work. Doanh Tri Law believes that it will bring to customers the most perfect, fastest, and most effective intellectual property law consulting services to help businesses protect their intellectual property in Vietnam. South and countries around the world.
Recognizing intellectual property rights are considered one of the important property rights for each individual and enterprise, Doanh Tri Law Firm provides customers with the following services:
- Copyright
- Patents 
- Protection of trade secrets, know-how, and confidential information
- Unfair Competition
- Trademark registration and anti-infringement of intellectual property rights.
The above information is about the ‘Legal Service In Vietnam.' For more information and advice on this issue, please contact Doanh Tri Law Firm directly via:
Hotline: (+84) 911.233.955 - (024) 6293 8326
Email: contact@luatdoanhtri.vn
Doanh Tri Law Firm is pleased to accompany our Customers!

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