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Educational activities of foreign-invested educational institutions are conditional business lines. According to the provisions of the Investment Law, foreign language centers belong to short-term training institutions with the aim of training and fostering foreign language knowledge. What conditions must be met to establish a foreign language center?

Legal basis:

- Law on Investment 2020;

- Decree 86/2018/ND-CP stipulating foreign cooperation and investment in the field of education.

1. Education requirements for issuance of investment registration certificates

- In accordance with the planning of the network of educational institutions approved by the competent authority.

- Foreign organizations and individuals and international organizations (hereinafter collectively referred to as foreign organizations and individuals) are allowed to cooperate and invest in the field of education in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law and the provisions of this Law. international conventions to which Vietnam is a member.

- Foreign organizations and individuals are allowed to cooperate and invest in training disciplines according to current regulations, except for the fields of security, defense, politics, and religion.

2. Conditions for permitting the establishment of foreign-invested educational institutions

- Investment projects on the establishment of short-term training and retraining establishments must have an investment rate of at least VND 20 million/student (excluding land-use costs). The minimum total investment capital is calculated based on the time with the highest expected scale.

- For foreign-invested educational institutions that do not build new facilities but only rent them out or contribute capital by the Vietnamese party with existing facilities to carry out their operations, the investment level is less than at least 70% of the prescribed levels.

3. Conditions on facilities and equipment

- Having appropriate classrooms in terms of lighting, furniture, equipment, and teaching aids;

- Having an area used for learning and teaching at least 2.5 m2/learner on average, for short-term training and retraining institutions;

- There are offices of the board of directors, leaders, teachers' rooms, libraries, and other functional rooms.

4. Conditions on the contingent of teachers

- Teachers must have at least a college degree or equivalent, with a training discipline suitable to their assigned teaching expertise;

- The maximum conversion rate of students/teacher is 25 students/teacher.

5. Conditions of the educational program

- The educational program conducted at the foreign-invested educational institution must show the educational objectives and must not contain any content that is detrimental to national defense, security or community interests; not propagate religion, distort history; must not adversely affect Vietnamese culture, morality, fine customs, and traditions, and must ensure the connection conditions between education levels and training levels.

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