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What are the business requirements for international restaurant investors? What requirements must foreign investors complete in order to open a restaurant? Customers will be able to get answers to their inquiries concerning this issue by contacting Doanhtri Law.

Legal basis

- Law on Investment 2020.

1. It must be a legally recognized company.

Foreign investors who want to open a restaurant in Vietnam must do so through a legal entity. Foreign investors will need to go through the process of filing for an investment registration certificate in order to start a firm. The foreign investor will complete business registration procedures after receiving an Investment Registration Certificate. Foreign investors have the option of forming 100% foreign-invested businesses. Alternatively, form a joint venture. Foreign investors will choose the type of business that will be founded.

2. Business location conditions

Foreign investors who want to open a restaurant must have a physical address. The restaurant must not be located in an apartment. The size of the restaurant's space must be appropriate for the number of people it expects to serve. Furthermore, the investor must ensure that a legal and adequate parking space is available in line with the planning to ensure the car park's security and safety for the Client. The premises are available for rent to foreign investors. Land can be rented from the government or leased from people or groups. The land lease must be registered with the appropriate state office.

3. Ensure food safety and hygienic conditions

Food hygiene and safety regulations must be followed in the restaurant industry. For international investors, this is considered a must for opening a restaurant. Foreign investors must obtain a certificate of competence about food safety for the restaurant owner and the person directly manufacturing, according to the law. A Certificate of Eligibility for Food Safety and Hygiene must also be provided to the eatery. Foreign investors will be permitted to do business and function regularly at such time.

 Of course, the restaurant must ensure the food utilized in the course of business operations. The raw materials utilized must have a traceable provenance. To ensure traceability, purchase and sale information must be kept. A garbage treatment system is in place. Temperature, humidity, and light must all be controlled in storage and storage rooms.

4. Ensure that conditions for fire prevention and suppression are met.

Foreign investors must ensure that fire prevention and suppression, as well as fire prevention in restaurant operations, are in place. To ensure that the restaurant business is fire-safe. A firefighting plan, firefighting equipment, a fire water supply pipe, an automatic firefighting system, or an automatic smoke alarm are all required for foreign investors. The manager has received firefighting training. During peak times, the power system must be able to handle the load. The kitchen has to be ventilated. Standard gas cylinders from reliable vendors should be used.

5. A price list for the service

The food and service will be put up by the restaurant owner. In addition, the price will be stated. Prices must be expressed in Vietnamese Dong.

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