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A Certificate of Eligibility for Food Hygiene and Safety must be applied for by food production and trading facilities (except in some cases as prescribed).
So, what are the legal ramifications of the procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility for Food Hygiene and Safety within the Ministry of Health's jurisdiction?

Legal basis: 
- Food Safety Regulation;
 - Decree 15/2018/ND-CP, which details the execution of certain sections of the Food Safety Law.
1. Dossier for obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility for Food Safety

- An application form for a certificate stating that the establishment complies with current safety regulations;
- Certificate of business registration with food business lines registration (copy certified by the establishment).
- A description of the facilities, equipment, and tools used to assure food safety (as certified by the establishment), which includes:
+ A sketch of the establishment's floor plan and the surrounding surroundings;
+ A diagram showing the food production or preservation and distribution process, as well as a description of the establishment's facilities, equipment, and tools.
- A certificate of training in food safety for the establishment owner and anybody directly involved in the production and distribution of food:
+ Submit a copy of the certification (issued by the establishment) for establishments with fewer than 30 people.
+ Submit a list of trained employees for establishments with 30 or more people (certified by the establishment).
- Health certificate of the establishment owner and person directly producing and trading food; report of negative stool culture for intestinal pathogens (cholera, dysentery, bacillus, and typhoid) of people directly producing food in areas where circulating diarrhea epidemics have been declared by the Ministry of Health economic:
+ Submit a copy of the certification (issued by the establishment) for establishments with fewer than 30 people.

+ For establishments with 30 or more employees, submit a list of the findings of the establishment's owner's health examination and stool tests, as well as those directly involved in food production and trading (certified by the establishment).
2. Execution Sequence

Step 1: The facility files an application to the Food Safety Department for a Certificate of Eligibility for Food Safety.
Step 2: The Food Safety Department examines the dossier within 5 working days. There is a written request for the establishment to augment and complete the dossier if it is not valid. 
Step 3: For valid dossiers, the Department will make a decision to form an appraisal team and organize the appraisal in the field within 10 working days.
A Certificate of Food Safety Eligibility will be granted to approved establishments.
Step 4: Return to the establishment the certificate of eligibility for food safety.
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