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Every day, the demand for safe and high-quality food grows, as does the demand for product and brand reputation. As a result, medical certifications (HC) for food, food additives, processing aids, tools, packaging materials, and food containers are required and vital procedures to ensure food safety and compliance with safety standards for consumers before being used and processed.

Legal basis:

- Decree 69/2018/ND-CP regulating the Law on Foreign Trade Management;

- Circular 52/2015/TT-BYT stipulating the state inspection of food safety for imported food and dossiers, as well as processes for issuing of certificates for exported food under the Ministry of Health Economy's management.

1. Medical Certificate Application Dossier

- An application for a medical certificate.

- The test results for each item in the export consignment include all of the criteria needed by the technical regulations (for products already having technical regulations), or the main quality criteria, only safety standards according to regulations (for products without technical regulations), information on item name, batch number, production date, and expiry date specified by a testing laboratory designated by a competent state agency (for products without technical regulations). or an independent testing laboratory that is accredited (Original or certified copy).

- Illustration of a product label (Copy certified by organization or individual).

- A certificate of business registration, a certificate of compliance with food safety rules, a certificate of receipt of regulation conformity publication, or a certificate of publishing of food safety regulations conformance (Copy certified of organizations and individuals).

2. Medical Certificate Application Procedures

Step 1: Organizations and individuals who produce and trade food goods must submit an application to the Ministry of Health's Food Safety Department.

Step 2: The Food Safety Department examines the application file, enters the Receipt Book, and awards the company or individual a Receipt Certificate.

Step 3: The Department of Food Safety will provide a Medical Certificate within five working days of receiving the application. In the event of a refusal, the cause for the denial must be explained in writing.

Step 4: Send the results to the organization or person who requested the medical certificate.

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