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Microbiological product certification helps businesses/manufacturing facilities improve business efficiency by the Certificate of microbiological preparations as concrete proof to prove that microbial products are produced safely, quality. Easily create trust and brand reputation with customers, partners, and related management agencies. Thereby increasing competitive advantage and confidence in sustainable development. In this article, Doanh Tri Law firm will give advice on this issue.

I. Legislations

- Law on standards and technical regulations 2006;

- Circular 28/2012/TT-BKHCN providing for declaration of standard conformity and declaration of technical-regulation conformity and method to assess conformity with standards and technical regulations

- A number of technical standards for microbial products are promulgated by the Directorate for Standards, Metrology, and Quality under the Ministry of Science and Technology as a basis for certification, the announcement of standard conformity, and quality announcement as follows:



TCVN 7304-1,2:2003

Probiotics: Microorganisms for sanitary septic tank treatment

TCVN 6168:2002

Cellulose-degrading microbial products

TCVN 6166:2002

Nitrogen-fixing microbial fertilizer

TCVN 6167:1996

Microbial fertilizer decomposes insoluble phosphorus compounds

TCVN 8566:2010

Microbial fertilizers - Method to evaluate the activity against fungi causing diseases in the upland root zone

TCVN 9300:2014

Microbiology - Method to evaluate the antagonistic activity of microorganisms against ralstonia solanacearum Smith causing green wilt disease on upland crops

TCVN 10784:2015

Microorganisms - Determination of the biosynthetic capacity of 3-indol-acetic acid (IAA)

TCVN 6846:2007 (ISO 7251:2005)

Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs - Method for the detection and enumeration of putative Escherichia coli - the most probabilistic enumeration technique

II. Benefits of quality standard certification and announcement

1. Create a competitive advantage over competitors

Achieving the National Standard Standard microbial product certification certificate is a huge competitive advantage over competitors in promoting the image, brand, and product quality of the enterprise. The certificate of conformity certification (conformity to standards) is also an opportunity for customers to receive bidding packages for large projects/enterprises because it is currently outside the regulations of many state bidding packages. , then many corporations or enterprises require a partner's products to have a certificate of conformity with quality standards before they agree to buy products and sign contracts.

2. Meet the requirements of the law on product quality announcement before being put on the market

According to Article 24 of the Law on Product Quality, manufacturers must declare their products conform to Standards/Regulations before they are put on the market. This is a mandatory regulation, therefore, microbiological products of enterprises must be tested for quality, certified in conformity with standards, and announced in conformity with standards at the Sub-Departments of Standards, Metrology, and Quality of the provinces. and city. Therefore, when the product has been certified for standard conformity and announced standard conformity, enterprises will avoid the risk that when the product is on the market, the market manager will check, confiscate the shipment and sanction it for not having done the work.

3. Create trust with customers and partners

Microbiological products, after being certified in conformity with standards and announced standards, will be affixed with the mark of conformity with the National Standard (TCVN) on the label, product packaging, and other documents introducing the product. product. This proves that the company's products have met the National Quality Standards, which is a commitment to quality for customers and partners. From there, build trust, build a brand with the quality of the products that we bring.

III. Procedures for certification and announcement of conformity

Dossiers for application for registration of the declaration of standard conformity

- Declaration of standard conformity (made according to Form 2. CBHC/HQ specified in Annex III of this Circular);

- Original copies of documentary shreds of evidence about the business operation of the product owner (written enterprise registration or the Business registration certificate or Business household registration certificate or investment certificate or decision on establishment or other papers as prescribed by law);

- Original copy of the applied standard;

- Original copy of the standard conformity certificate issued by the registered certifying organizations, enclosed with standard conformity marking specimen.

The dossier will be submitted to the Sub-Department of Standards, Metrology, and Quality.

The implementation time depends on many factors such as the progress of the implementation within the enterprise, the results of the assessment of the factory conditions, the quality assurance conditions, the time to return the analysis results of the testing laboratory. A typical timeframe is as follows:

1. Certification audit + sample testing: 15 to 30 days.

2. Announcement of product standard conformity from 15 days to 20 days.

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