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Pham Van Duc

Pham Van Duc

Managing Partner Ha Noi

Pham Van Duc graduated from Hanoi Law University, with the strength of being bilingual (English, Vietnamese) and has nearly 10 years of professional experience, he has collaborated and given legal advice for many domestic enterprises. Currently, he is the Chairman of Doanh Tri, before becoming Chairman, he has gained practical experience at many Holding and famous law firms in Vietnam.

He has the knowledge and practical experience of intensive consulting in the field of foreign investment, insurance, health and intellectual property. With a deep understanding of legal knowledge and many years of International consulting experiences, he has provided outstanding advice to support foreign investors in doing business in Vietnam.


  • The consulting case for Hai Hanh Riviera Joint Stock Company received the transfer of registration of proprietary medicine with Sang Trading and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This is a complicated transaction due to the large transaction value (nearly VND 100 billion), while the current legal provisions on the transfer of patent for pharmaceutical products are not really clear. With the consultancy and support efforts of Doanh Tri in the process of negotiation and negotiating between the parties, Hai Hanh Riviera Joint Stock Company and Sang Pharmaceutical Trading and Pharma- ceutical Co., Ltd. have signed the Property Transfer Contract.
  • Consultancy case for Korean 3D Factory Company to raise investment capital in Vietnam. This is one of the complicated cases because, at the time of application for adjustment, the new provisions of the Investment Law, the Construction Law and the Environment Law have just taken effect, there is a lack of specific guiding documents. Results: In an effort to consult and support investors in the process of working, consulting and explaining to the competent state agencies, 3D Factory Company has been granted investment certificates for the above projects by The Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi.
  • The consultancy case for the Center for research and production of vaccines and medical-biological products for registration of protection of pharmaceutical inven- tions and registration of pharmaceutical products with competent state agencies. As a result, Polyvac Center is licensed to circulate pharmaceutical products on the market and have patent protection for pharmaceutical products. In addition, Doanh Tri also advises and supports clients in carrying out procedures to export products to the US and the EU market.
  • Consultancy case of a dispute of equipment trading contract between Viet Tin Phat V Equipment Joint Stock Company (plaintiff ) and VT Co., Ltd. The value of the dispute is 128 billion. The lawyer of Doanh Tri is the representative who protects the Plaintiff's legitimate rights in the course of the court resolving the case. As a result, the Hanoi City People's Court issued a first-instance judgment forcing VT Co., Ltd. to perform the property delivery obligation to Viet Tin Phat Equipment Joint Stock Company under the contract signed between the two parties.
  • The loan contract between Mr. Andreas Campinoni and Vietnam Australia Real Estate Business Investment Company Limited. Mr. Pham Van Duc is the representative of Mr. Andreas Campioni to advise on the transfer, mortgage and mortgage contracts and to represent the mediation process related to the above loan agreement. The result of Vietnam Australia Real Estate Investment and Trading Company Limited paid back the principal and interest to Mr. Andreas Campioni according to the conciliation between the Parties.
  • Currently, Mr. Pham Van Duc is also a adviser for some projects of multinational corporations doing business in Vietnam such as SC Johnson (USA), STADA (Germany), DKSH (Switzerland), LTP Global (Korea)...


  • Hanoi  Law  University, Vietnam, LL. B. (2012)
  • Vietnam Judicial Academy, Vietnam  (2014)

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